Installation and configuration guide

  This guide does not show you how to setup a dedicated server.
  If you have not done this, there are several guides and how-to for it.

  You can start by visiting the Bis Forums and the Biki.
  Arma 2 or Arma 3 server running with BattlEye, is required to use BEC.

  You need to follow the steps below to get Bec up and running.
  It's Highly Recommended that you use editors like Notepad++ or alike. old Notepad isn't good for editing files.

  Define Admins
  Define Commands
  General Command Info And Usage
  Understanding The Permission System
  Setting Up The Scheduler System

  Once you are done with the steps above, make sure the Arma2/3 server is running before starting up Bec in one of the following 3 ways;

  1 - Open Cmd, change the directory to where Bec.exe is located. Start Bec by typing this. Bec.exe -f MyConfig.cfg
  2 - Make a shortcut to Bec.exe, then on target do something like. Target| "c:\ServerTools\Bec\Bec.exe" -f MyConfig.cfg
  3 - Make Bec run as a service. Don't forget to include the -f argument. you can use windows service to do this, or tools like Firedaemon.

  If you have problems with starting up Bec and only get Waiting for server.
  Then make sure if you have renamed the armaserver.exe to something else than its orginale name that you have specified this in the config file.
  If this doesnt work. you can startup Bec with the --dsc option. Bec.exe -f myconfig.cfg --dsc
  Also, if youre trying to run Bec under Linux/Wine you MUST use the --dsc startup option.

  Note: You might need to start Bec with admin permissions

  It is Recommended that you start up Bec on Command line the first time to verify that the Config file is working.
  Start-up Method nr 1 would also show clues, as to where the issue is, if it fails to start-up on strange exists.