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Using The Bec Commands

Keep in mind that most Bec commands are just aliases to ArmA and Be commands.
First of all, lets get started with explaining which channels in ArmA that can be used to send commands. and how it works in general.

Global chat

Is always sent to the server even if you are alone on the server. so using global will always work.

Side chat
Will only be sent to the server if there is other players on the same side as you.
It will not work if there is 1bluefor and 1opfor player.

Group chat

Will only work if there is other players in the same group as you.

Vehicle chat

Will only work if there are other players in the same vehicle as you.

Direct chat
Will only work if there is other players near you to pick up the chat.

... and so on

At the moment we have to live with these limitations as its not much i can do about it.

If you are not able to use some of these channels. you will need to depbo the mission and enable the channel you want and need.
This is done in the Description.ext file in your mission directory. more about it here.

!mis : Gives Mission selection menu.
Avoid using this if there is no Admins Logged in. "ArmA admins".
This command is alias for #missions.


!res : Restarts current mission.
This command is alias for #restart.

!rea : Same as !res but . players can now select new slots.
This command is alias for #reassign.

!ulck : Unlocks the server.
This command is alias for #unlock.

!lck : Locks the server.
This command is alias for #lock


!sht : Shuts down the server
This command can take arguments on the chatline

!sht : Will do a instant shutdown. no warning.
!sht 60 : Will shutdown the server after 60 seconds
!sht abort : Will abort current shutdown procedure.
!sht info : Will show you how much time left until the shutdown.


!cm : Will change to given mission name.
This command need a mission name to be able to change.
You will need to know the file name of the pbo.


!mp : Will set a maxping value.
This can take a argument on the chat line. if no argument given, it will use the value set in the <text> tag in the command file.
!mp N to set a spesific ping limit.

!kpl : Will kick a player.
The given name must be part of the name or hole name.
But its case sensitive. meaning. if you have a player named foo, using !kpl FOO will not work.

The reason why the player was kicked is defined in the <text> tag for the command.
You can set a custom reason with kick commands by using !r Reason
example: !kpl foo !r Not obeying the rules after several warnings.

There is one kick command that is based on ID.
in the command file its has the name kid in the <cmd> tag
in the example file you will see it as

To use this kick function you first need to look up the ID by executing #beclient players on the chat line to get the id of the player

!bpl : Will ban a player.
the lenght og the ban is set in the <time> tag. other than that its the same as kick commands.
it can also use a custom reason by using the !r argument.

Same as with the kick command there is one ban function based on ID.


To use this ban function you first need to look up the ID by executing #beclient players on the chat line to get the id of the player
All kick and ban commands can use custom reason with the !r argument except kid and bid.

!wrn : will give a player a warning.
Its command name "cmd" is warn in the comman file.
For this command to work. you need to have Warnings in your config file set to higher than 0.

!ata : Will add a temp admin to your server.
Its command name "cmd" is grant in the command file
The player will be removed as a temp admin if.
1 Bec restarts.
2 Server restarts.
3 Removed by another admin.

Which permission level a temp admin can have is up to you.
the players group level is set in the <text> tag in the command file.
Atemp admin may never kick ban a perm admin.

!ata foo will add player foo as temp admin.

!rta : will remove a temp admin.
Its command name "cmd" is degrant in the command file.

!rta foo will remove foo as a temp admin from your server.

!mr N : will kick the N last players who joined the server to make room for other players.
Its command name "cmd" is makeroom in the command file.

This command works by checking who joined last on to the server. and will kick them out.
If Bec was restarted during a full server and the command was executed. it will be random.

Admins are not affected by this command.

!help : Will list up all available commands.
Its command name "cmd" is help in command file
To get help about a specific command you use it as a argument.

Exampe to show help about maxping
!help !mp

!pinf : will show you general info about a player.
Its command name "cmd" is pinfo in the command file.
The command needs a player name as its argument.
!pinf foo

!ainf : Will list up all Bec admins on.
Its command name "cmd" is ainfo in the command file

!say : will send a message to a player or to all players.
Its command name "cmd" is say in the command file.

Send a message to all players.
!say This is my message to all players.

Send a private message.
!say foo ! This is my private message to you.

Thats it.
Take a note on that, you do no need to use the same names as are used here or in the command_example.xml file.
you are free to change the names in the <name> tags to something that sutes you better.

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