Define Admins

  To define admins you need to create a xml file containing information on the player.
  Here is a example file.




<?xml version="1.0"?>
<admin id="0">
<groupname>super admin</groupname>
<admin id="1">
<admin id="2">



 Explaining the Tags.

  The name of your admin
  It does not have to be the players ingame name.
  This can be set to any name.
  Must match players guid.
  Do not mix up the players pid with the players guid.
  The guid is a hexstring 32 chars long

  The admin level. value must be a number..
  lower the number the higher the rank is. example  group 0 is higher ranked than group 1
  The group name the admin is part of. if the is not set empty and the player name is ascii
  Bec will announce this groupname when the player is connecting.
  12:00:00 : RCon admin #0: (Global) BEC : Super Admin Foo Connected

  Note: keep < > in order for your admin block. else parsing the file will cause errors.

  A lower ranked admin may not execute commands on a higher ranked admin

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