Understanding The Permission System

Admin and Commands must have a assigned group number.
To be able to execute a command, the admin must have equal or lower group number as the command being executed.

A lower ranked admin can not kick or ban a higher ranked admin.
When i say higher ranked admin.. it means that a admin that has a lower group number than the admin who tried to execute the command.
Equal ranked admins can only kick each other.
When making commands you should consider the level.

*** Short pseudo example ***

You may want to use 3 Preset Ban commands and one Kick command.

ban 10min, ban 60min, ban Perm

Sippet from Commands.xml

    <!-- Permban -->
    <command id="8">
        <text>Admins Decision!</text>                
    <!-- 1 Hour Ban -->
    <command id="9">
        <text>Teamkilling not tolerated! Your banned until _time_</text>                
    <!-- 10 Min Ban -->
    <command id="10">
        <text>Idiot behavior belongs elsewhere! Your banned until _time_</text>                
    <!-- Kick Command(s).-->
    <command id="11">
        <text>Admins Decision!</text>        

You may not want all admins to be able to do a perm ban, only short bans.
Lets say we have 4 admins aswell.

example admin.xml snippet.

    <admin id="0">
    <admin id="1">

    <admin id="2">

    <admin id="3">

# Admin Ban/Kick On ordinary players

(Admin_A) can execute command (!bpl, !btk, !bst) on any players                 
(Admin_B) can execute command (!btk, !bst) on any players                        
(Admin_C) can execute command (!bst) on any players
(Admin_D) can execute command (!btk, !bst) on any players

(Admin_A, Admin_B, Admin_C, Admin_D) can execute command !kpl on any players.

# Admin vs Admin

* Kick

Admin_A can execute !kpl on (Admin_A, Admin_B, Admin_C, Admin_D)
Admin_B can execute !kpl on (Admin_B ,Admin_C, Admin_D)
Admin_D can execute !kpl on (Admin_C, Admin_D)
Admin_C can only execute !kpl on (Admin_C)

Yes you are reading correct. you can kick yourself. ;)
I use this very much for a fast exit, i hate pressing esc. disconnect, disconnect, then esc again.. !kpl in much faster ;D

* Ban
Admin_A can execute (!bpl, !btk, !bst) on (Admin_B, Admin_C, Admin_D)
Admin_B can execute (!btk, !bst) on (Admin_C)
Admin_D can execute (!btk, !bst) on (Admin_C)
Admin_C can not ban any of (Admin_A, Admin_B, Admin_C, Admin_D) due to its lower rank..

Temporary Admins may never execute any kick or ban commands on a permanent admin.

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